Ore carts
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Dan Bennett (in red) and Rick Isaeff (in blue) prepare to move the ore cart onto Rick's trailer for transportation to Midas.The two carts are on the Old Macy Place in Midas.Rick Isaeff demonstrates the side dump ore cart.
The Elko County Convention and Visitors Authority donated two side-dump ore carts to Friends of Midas in September 2011. Rick and Lynn Isaeff and Dan and Joan Bennett traveled to Elko to load the carts onto Rick's trailer, with the help of Steve Whede of ECVA, and bring them back to Midas. Morris Strong of Rimrock Drilling and the employees of Patzer Fabrication made sure that the heavy rails were cut appropriately before the group left Elko. The carts have been installed on the rails and are now on display at the Old Macy Place on Main Street.

A special thanks to Claudia Wines at the Northeastern Nevada Museum for bringing this opportunity to our attention.
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Click on the image to see the original 1930 catalog description for one of our carts:
1930 mining car catalog