Remembering Phil...
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Philip C. Gemmill
November 1, 1932 – October 13, 2011
Fondly known to all in Midas as "Phil on the Hill" because his tiny home perches on the hill above the School,  Phil Gemmill worked hard to help install the Midas Water System over 20 years ago. Wearing a light green ball cap and long sleeves, these videos show Phil diligently "chinking" the dirt around the newly-laid pipes on Main Street in October of 1992.
Phil's roots in Midas ran deep. His parents, Bill and Evelyn, lived here in the late 1950s with his younger siblings. That's Bill on the left standing in the portal of his Midas mine. Evelyn waved to the photographer from the yard of their home, which stood about where the Elges home is now. Phil kindly added these wonderful family photos to the Friends of Midas collection.
You'll be missed, Phil on the Hill...