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W.W.Co. wagon
In the summer of 2010, Andy Richards and his family donated this fabulous old freight wagon to FOM. It was originally owned by Arthur and Laura Delia Saxton. Born in 1878, Arthur was a wheat farmer in Prescott near Walla Walla, Washington, and the wagon stayed in his family for many years. It was used by his son-in-law, also a wheat farmer, and was last owned by his grandson, Tucker Gibson.

Rick and Lynn Isaeff brought the old wagon to Midas and placed it carefully on its new home at the old Macy place on Main Street. David Sneed courteously explained that the undercarriage was built by Winona Wagon Company of Minnesota. Established in 1879, W.W.Co. was a well-known manufacturer of heavy wagons for use in the West. According to David, this wagon has the company's "Mountain Header Gear," which includes iron blocks on top of the outermost ends of each axle to act as trusses to the entire structure, providing additional strength for heavier loads. Also note the metal shrouds covering the entire wheel hubs, one of the company's patented features. David further explained that the wheels' spokes are double riveted in the wooden rims (felloes), and the tires are reinforced with tire rivets to help prevent slippage on the rugged western terrain.
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