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In the fall of 1992, after the official establishment of the Midas Water Cooperative, a hardy group of dedicated workers installed a brand-spankin' new water system throughout the entire town. In some places, the new, larger pipe went in alongside the old iron pipes. These nine videos show the guys (and one videographer) hard at work over the course of this three-month project. (To expand the size of the video, click on the date at the top of each box.)
Setting a T in the center of town. October 13, 1992
Laying pipe on the north end of town. September 29, 1992
Making progress. October 5, 1992
There's always time for a treat (or three!) after a hard day's work.
The work continues....
October 15-16, 1992
Filling the trench and moving south. October 14, 1992
Working at the pump house.
November 11, 1992
Installing a fire hydrant.
October 27, 1992
Digging the trench on the south end of town. October 17, 1992