Coming Home in 2011
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Len Berg
Virginia Myers
Edith Eckman Richards "Edie" Lynch

A handful of former Midas enthusiasts
returned to town
in 2011.

Midas's favorite cover boy made his annual trek to the Fourth of July parade. It was fun to see him and his family again! A spry 93 years old, Len promises to return every year for the celebration.
Edie's association with Midas began with her parents, Jack and Katherine, who met in Midas where they both were working and soon married. Jack Eckman was employed in Midas, off and on, between 1927 and 1931. Edie grew up in Lovelock, but traveled to Midas often to visit her grandmother, Nancy Eckman, who ran a cafe and boardinghouse in Midas throughout the 1930s. Edie's uncles, Oscar and Glenn Eckman, lived in Midas at the time, too. Edie lost touch with Midas over the years, but was reunited with the old town through her marriage to Jim Lynch who was involved with engineering the town's water system in the 1990s. Jim's gone now, but Edie returns often as a guest of the Jackson Family. She'll surely be back again soon!

Virginia's son-in-law, Jerry Smith, drove Virginia into Midas for a quick visit again this year. It's always fun to hear stories about her mother-in-law, Hilda Jacobson.
Edie Lynch and Jan Biffle