Friends of Midas has collected numerous photographs of Midas and the surrounding area. Please enjoy the historic and current photographs we've posted here; a descriptive caption appears when you roll your cursor over each photo. Click on each photo to make it expand to fill your screen. More pictures will be posted as time goes on, so be sure to bookmark this page and check it often!
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Midas began in 1907 as the mining camp of Gold Circle.The Elko Prince mine shortly before the mill burned in 1922, bringing mining in Midas to a halt for several years.This building replicates a 1920s-era gas station, which also displays stoves and lanterns that utilized various fuels, such as coal and kerosene.Winter mail arrived in Midas on skis and snowshoes in the 1930s.One of the last remaining miner shacks in Midas.A load of freight arrives in early Midas.Constructed to replicate a typical blacksmith shop, this building anchors the Midas Town Park.This outhouse is occupied!That's the Midas Town Hall on the left with the big windows.Friends of Midas was one of the sponsors of the 2009 Midas tree planting project.Every spring, daffodils brighten headstones such as this one for 10-year-old Gardiner Bliss. Friends of Midas recreated the fence and entry for the Midas Cemetery. The originals burned along with most of the markers.
Look closely! The roof of the Midas School can be seen in the left side of this photo.The playground equipment has been popular with Midas kids of all ages.Governor Bob Miller issued a proclamation the day the Midas School was dedicated in 1998.
Former students enjoyed the historical displays in the Midas School during its dedication.The east room of the two-room school building housed a small museum.The piano acccompanied countless dances in the Town Hall before being moved to the Midas School .Another view of the museum room.This display about the lives and culture of Native Americans in northeastern Nevada was constructed by the Elko County chapter of the Nevada Archaeology Association and housed in the Midas Schoolhouse Museum.The other side of the Native American display.The playground equpment in front of the school survived the fire.
The Midas School was built in 1927 and operated until 1972. After many years as a hunting lodge, it was restored and donated to Friends of Midas in 1998. Tragically, the beautiful building was destroyed by fire in 2005.
Assorted Midas photos!
Winter in Midas has always been a cold and snowy season. It was not unusual, as Wess Allen remembered, for heavy snows to isolate the town from the rest of the world. Even in the 21st century, winter can cause difficulties. But it's also one of the best times to be in Midas.
Snow is fun for dogs and kids on Main Street!A big next in a big treeMidas Main Street, 2009View from the county road, 2010George Myers guiding his work horses, c. 1918.Trying to clear the snow from Main Street.
Most of these photos were taken during the first decade of the town's existence. Click on each street scene to enlarge the photo and take a close look at how Midas developed in its early years.
This is the intersection of Fourth and Main, looking north.Construction began in the fall of 1907.The lone building on the hill in the background was a schoolhouse.How early arrivals first saw Midas...Midas around 1910.The two-story building might be the Gold Consolidated office, so this photo may have been taken around 1930.
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